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The interpretation of data and the world's media

What is the truth and what is not? This question has been keeping philosophers busy for centuries.

In today's information saturated world it is getting harder and harder to know what is true and what is "spin". I read  an article yesterday claiming one of the world's largest media organisations is an ideological think tank that employs journalists. That is a fascinating way to think about the way media is run.

Therefore we need to be very critical of what we read and remember most media has bias, including many in agriculture and scientific fields. Much of this is driven by short term funding models which make it important "to be seen" and "be out there" so funding will be renewed.

The following link is to an fascinating interview the World Health Organisation conducted with Hans Rosling from Gapminder. He is a man that really knows how to interpret data and this interview give an insight into what is really happening in the health of people around the world and how the media fails to accurately report what is happening.

Read the interview here.