Giving a RATS Newsletter

Welcome to the official newsletter for the National Project "Understanding and management of resistance to Group M, Group L and Group I herbicides" funded by the Grains Research & Development Corporation
– Project No. UA00124. Ended June 30, 2015.


No 1 Winter 2012

What’s In A Name??

Farm Advisor Learning Groups – Where are we starting from with resistance to glyphosate, paraquat and 2,4-D?

Western Australian Northern Adviser Group

Control Of Glyphosate Resistant Annual Ryegrass On Fence Lines

Get To Know The Team... Chris Preston & Stephen Powles

Know What Herbicides Still Work!!!

How To Sample Plants For The Quick-Test

Glyphosate Resistance In Non-Cropping Areas of Australia

Big Jump In Barnyard Grass Testing Positive For Glyphosate Resistance

No 2 Spring 2012

What’s In A Name??

Weeds To Watch Out For!: What Does It Mean For Weed Managers?

Fleabane Receives Attention... Nationally!

Glyphosate Resistance In Roads And Rail – How Prepared Are We?

Team Member Profile

AHRI’s Latest WA Herbicide Resistance Survey

Paraquat Resistance In The South Australian
Pasture Seed Industry

Glyphosate Resistance In Barnyard Grass
Trebles!!!  An Offer of Free Testing

Fenceline Trials Established in WA.

Field Excursion At The International Weed Science Congress In China

No 3 Summer 2012-13

Are We Selling The Right Message?

Using Herbicides At Harvest Time

Better Options For Weed Management - Along fences - WA Trials Show The Way

Mysteries Of 2,4-D Resistance

Glyphosate Symposium

Team Member Profile

New Rim Software To Be Released In February 2013

Don’t Let Santa Get In The Way of a Good Crop

You Don’t Have To Be Clever, just vigilant - Chris Reichstein

No 4 Autumn 2013

It has been a busy time...

RNA Interference technology (RNAi) 2

Stirlings to Coast Resistance Survey

“It won’t happen to me!” - Glyphosate Resistance in the Mallee

Glyphosate Resistance Confirmed in NZ

Northern Region Update

Ridding New Zealand of Glyphosate Resistance

No 5 Winter 2013


Glyphosate resistant Annual Ryegrass is widespread in SA

Do Barnyard grass genes flow?

Glyphosate Resistant barnyard grass populations evolve separately

Inheritance of brome resistance

Is Harvest Weed Seed Management ‘A Goer’ in the Northern Grain Region?

Team Member Profile

Weed Symposium

It Isn’t Just Jack Living Here In Arizona

Survey of herbicides in US crops

No 6 Spring 2013

Important to use harvest seed management in dry seasons

An Australian perspective on US glyphosate resistant weeds

Glyphosate resistant annual ryegrass numbers increase in south east Western Australia

Can patch management stop the spread of glyphosate resistance?

Why not treat patches as patches?

Team member profile

Beautiful Clean Fencelines

Getting resistance on the non-cropping radar?

No more high volatility 2,4-D ester

No 7 Summer 2013-14

Click clack front and back?

Latest news on glyphosate resistance in sowthistle

Using glyphosate to control glyphosate resistant barnyard grass – is it possible?

US looking at new big guns – stacking herbicide resistance traits

Bromacil for fence lines

Central-west NSW the ‘Epicentre’ of glyphosate resistance?

Using SnapCard® to improve spray results?

Correction for high volatility 2,4-D products 

No 8 Autumn 2014

Wild radish – Australian cropping’s bete noir?

Survey results – Implement your glyphosate resistance management plan now!

How does resistance ‘arrive’ in a field? The SHeRPA model has some answers

Team Member Profile - Greg Brooke

One farming family’s war on ryegrass – Mic Fels, Esperance, WA

Glyphosate resistant sowthistle confirmed in northern NSW

Spray practices in the northern wheatbelt of WA

IWM a must to manage glyphosate resistance in Great brome

Another species joins the glyphosate resistance conga line in the southern USA  

No 9 Winter 2014


Central Queensland latest cab off the GR rank with sweet summer grass

Move over Spot, ‘Weed Hub’ is the ‘new best friend'

“Rules of thumb” in farmers’ decision making

Weed management opportunity is coming up fast

Are manure crops the answer to no-till farming?

Aussies showing the Yanks how – harvest seed management 

No 10 Spring 2014


Burning windrows from big cereal crops can be done

Research push into Central West NSW: Tackling three emerging issues

Resistance testing: Have we been selling the wrong message?

Check those crops for fleabane and sowthistle now!

The View from Ground Zero: a(nother) tour of Palmer amaranth country 

No 11 Summer 2014-15


Of St Anthony’s fire and knowing if your herbicides still work

Don’t fence me in - Three years of fence line trials in Western Australia

Get the mix right or regret it at your leisure

Stubbles full of weeds after spring and summer rains

Optical spot spray technology added to labels

No 12 Autumn 2015

Sowthistle does it again – Now resistant to 2,4-D

Feathertop Rhodes grass (FTR) - an increasingly prevalent roadside summer weed, coming to a paddock near you?

Does long fallow have a place in Western Australia’s cropping belt? – Yes according to Daniel and Tim Critch of Mullewa

Permit for optically activated sprayers updated!

Patch management of annual ryegrass in non-crop areas

Another Aussie abroad – Herbicide Resistance the main focus at Weed Science Society of America meeting

Glyphosate resistance in common weeds in California’s tree crops causes heavy reliance on pre-emergent herbicides.

No 13 Winter 2015

What have we learned about resistance to glyphosate, paraquat and the phenoxy herbicides over the past 4 years?

Do you know which herbicides still work? - Do a Quicktest!!!

How to control those giant weeds in fallow - Cultivation or herbicides?

Research push NSW: Tackling three emerging issues

Don’t just look at herbicides, use lime on acidic soils for weed suppression

Alternative herbicides to control Group I resistant wild radish

Be a miser and don’t share your herbicides with your neighbours

The USA has now agreed on a definition for “SUPERWEED”