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Herbicide Susceptibility Testing and Professional Management Advice

Don't know which herbicides still work in your paddocks? Don't want to waste tens of thousands of dollars by spraying ineffective herbicides?

AGRONOMO and Plant Science Consulting P/L are offering a "WORLD FIRST" professional herbicide susceptibility testing and management advice service to make you money and save your time.

Herbicide resistance weeds are now driving the farming system in many areas, reducing crop yields and limiting enterprise options for growers. Don't be painted into a corner and forced to make management decisions that don’t suit your goals?

Keep ahead of the game and test and get professional management advice from one of the county's leading weed management experts. Quicktest and seed testing are available. Quicktest can be used pre and post sowing to quickly determine why those weeds haven't died. Management decisions can be made this season to get those problems under control. Go here for more information.

Weed management training

Agricultural and Environmental weed management workshops and field days can be developed to meet YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS.
Since 2009 AGRONOMO has delivered 63 1-day and half day integrated weed management workshops for farmers (890) from Launceston to Geraldton. Workshops improve the understanding of herbicide resistance allowing better long term management of weeds on the farm.

Typical comments about the workshops include:

Reinforces my existing knowledge;   

Good use of research data to back up tactics;

 People in the group contributing to solutions;

 Delivery kept us interested;  

Good knowledge of the presenter;

Better Spray Application Workshops

AGRONOMO can train you in all aspects of better spray application. Get that pesticide to where it is meant to be!

Technical and scientific writing

Concise publications for your company or organisation targeting the desired audience. See AGRONOMO publications list.

AGRONOMO was the editor and major author of "Integrated weed management in Australian cropping systems" manual.

Editing and advice on presentations - general agriculture, weeds, pesticides and adult education

Want the best information and presentation to impress the audience?

ChemCert chemical user training

AGRONOMO provides a nationally consistent, high quality vocational education and training in chemical use and management.

There are 3 levels:

  • AQF2 – work under supervision
  • AQF3 – work with no supervision
  • AQF4 – supervises others

Legislation supplements are supplied for your state or territory and the courses are mapped to national competencies.

Weed management planning and advice

Weed surveys conducted and management plans developed to meet your specific needs. AGRONOMO’s extensive experience across a range of Australian environments guarantees the right solution for you. AGRONOMO has worked with community groups and local government on managing invasive perennial species, roadside vegetation management planning and catchment-wide prioritisation of weeds.

Aquatic weeds a problem? AGRONOMO understands the issues involved in developing a management plan that meets EPA requirements.


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